Our Mission:

To combine forces with local leaders & organizations to provide children, who are severely or terminally ill, a new means to play, learn, explore and escape the confines of their healthcare setting using immersive VR experiences they will never forget!

3 Great Reasons

1) VR has been proven to help reduce pain, alleviate anxiety and encourage sick kids to explore, interact and learn.

2) Billions of dollars has already been successfully invested in producing commercial grade VR devices, software and experiences

3) Jacksonville children and young adults confined to healthcare institutions deserve this opportunity to explore the world beyond their beds

Getting Involved – Initial Sponsored VR Modules

VR Socialize – Module to allow bedside use that enables virtual VR2VR visitation with friends and family anywhere in the world VR Bed Traveler – Module for bedside eco-travel experiences VR Transporter Room – Specialized room set up for mobile kids inside institutions VR SuperKart – High end VR play station and gear on wheels for all kids to use Virtually There Events – Mobile VR Camera and streaming of events around Jacksonville (Concerts etc) VR Running Man – Full body VR gear set up for the kids that wants to break a sweat VR Playground – Custom configured 3D / 360 immersive environment where kids can maneuver, play and build branded around the sponsors world

Taking them far from their beds

With immune systems incredibly susceptible, exposure to friends can become a danger some families can’t afford to risk. As a result, hospital rooms can become a lonely place for days, weeks, months or even years of a child’s life. By using virtual reality, kids in hospitals would be able to socialize with friends or explore new places while they are in their rooms. Something that was impossible before.

““When you put on the goggles, it’s different from anything I have ever experienced in my life!”” - Mark Zuckerberg