Our Mission:

To combine forces with local leaders & organizations to provide children, who are severely or terminally ill, a new means to play, learn, explore and escape the confines of their healthcare setting using immersive VR experiences they will never forget!


Our Result:

Taking Our Local Sick Children Far From Their Hospital Beds


Are you a dealership and want to give buyers the ability to visit & meet with you from anywhere in the world at anytime!? Or are a manufacture and want to show how and why your product is better than your competitors, immerse your customers in your products let them view them in all their glory! This is all possible with Virtual Reality. This is truly the future of Advertising we always dreamed of ways we can empower our clients with the ability to customize and control the buying experience to remove the unwanted and unplanned nuances in our reality. Click here to revolutionize the way your company markets and advertises.

Real Estate

From Architects to Builders from Lenders to Realtors you now have the ability to show off your Built & un-built properties from anywhere in the world reward current clients & win over future clients. You can bring your customers into your office without them ever leaving theirs. Appeal to the New Millennials & streamline the Home buying process find out how here!

VR Marketing

Are you unsure if your advertisements are reaching your target audience are stuck on using the same old tired methods that we all know no longer apply, please let us, use new technology along with one of the world’s leading VR Teams to solve your marketing / advertising problems we guarantee not only to reach your target audiences we will have them wanting more of your advertisements

VR What is it? And How can it help you!

It’s Here to Stay-- VR is the new frontier, as companies like Google, Microsoft, HCT, Panasonic and even Facebook have invested billions into this industry vrmadmen is a leader in VR production With specialized studios, image capture technologies and software; along with a world class team we offer end-to-end services

““When you put on the goggles, it’s different from anything I have ever experienced in my life!”” - Mark Zuckerberg